Failed Recipes

Part of the focus of this blog is to keep track of the recipes I'm trying. Not only do I get a nice record of things, but the recipes will also be easy to find if I want the ingredient list while I'm grocery shopping or something.

My original plan was to rate all the recipes I tried. But why would I want to keep the bad recipes? I'm never going to reference them, I'm never going back to them, I'm never going to make them again. Bad recipes are a waste of space that I could be filling with good recipes!

Well, I've kind of changed my mind on that. The bad recipes are also a part of what I'm cooking this year, and it might be fun to look back and see a record of all the things I've tried to make -- those things that didn't really turn out and the things that were just plain bad. I don't know how comfortable I am with putting everything I make up here ("It's a dish primarily made of lard and a roasted human foot!"), but maybe I'll be a little less selective as I go on.

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